Ecopoxy® 60L Flowcast® Kit *Special Order*


Product Description



Flowcast® is a high performance, commercial grade casting epoxy that cures to a clear, UV resistant, glass-like finish.  It has low exothermic heat buildup and cures to a crystal-clear durable finish that resists stress cracking.  Perfect for casting and see-through encapsulating, accentuating, and magnifying the objects .  It can be poured at any thickness up to 1.5" and cures to a water-like appearance.  Pigments can be added for custom colours and effects.


  • Made from >20% Bio renewable carbon
  • Resistant to crystallization
  • Low odour
  • 100% solids
  • Self levelling
  • Enhanced air release
  • Easily tinted
  • Weather resistant
  • Impact and abrasion resistant

Used for

 River tables, encapsulating objects, wall art, furniture, filling larger gaps and voids, casting projects using silicone molds.

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